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Autonomy for aviation

Lifting barriers to on-demand air transportation

Autonomy for small aircraft will have a profound impact on society by ushering in a new, convenient mode of transportation. We develop technologies to make that future a reality.

All passengers, no pilot

People will look back at the advent of small autonomous aircraft the same way they looked at the advent of the automobile: as inevitable.

The next generation of transportation systems will seamlessly blend ground transportation with aerial vehicles. Whether it is to cut through traffic in large urban environments, or take you hundreds of miles away in under an hour, autonomous aviation will dramatically increase human mobility and bring people and places closer than ever before.

What we do

Building autonomy technology for existing and future aircraft

The main capabilities of autonomous aircraft are: sense, reason, and control. We develop and integrate technologies for rotorcraft, fixed-wing airplanes, and the new emerging electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for each of these capabilities.



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Perception package to precisely know where the vehicle is, and detect or track obstacles and threats - including terrain, other aircraft, birds, buildings, and weather



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Autonomy flight management system to plan trajectories, handle the unexpected including failure scenarios, and interface with air traffic control



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Integration with autopilot and fly-by-wire to take the vehicle to its destination safely and comfortably

Who we are

A hands-on group of dreamers and innovators

Based in the heart of San Francisco, Xwing is a VC-backed company assembling world-class engineering talent from the aerospace and software industries. Our team has years of hands-on and executive experience with industry-leading corporations and startups, with academic backgrounds from preeminent research institutions.


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