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“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

— Alan Kay

The company brings together experts in unmanned and optionally-piloted aircraft, flight control systems (including at DO-178 Design Assurance Level A), redundancy management, and sensor fusion, along with the best software talent the Bay Area offers to achieve our goal of autonomous flight. We’re always looking for dedicated and hands-on individuals to help us achieve our mission.

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Marc Piette


Prior to founding Xwing, Marc was VP of Engineering at GoDaddy (GDDY), leading the company’s data strategy and data science teams building machine learning personalization models. He joined GoDaddy through the sale of his previous ML and data driven startup called Locu where he was co-founder and COO. He started his career working on low level UNIX security software. Marc holds a MBA from MIT and a BS / MS in Computer engineering from UCL.

Marc Piette

Maxime Gariel


Maxime joined Xwing from Rockwell Collins where he was a Principal GNC Engineer. He worked on autonomous aircraft projects including DARPA Gremlins and the AgustaWestland SW4 Solo autonomous helicopter. Before becoming Chief Engineer of the SW4 Solo’s flight control system, he was in charge of the system architecture, redundancy, and safety for the project. Prior to Rockwell, he worked on ADS-B based conflict detection as a Postdoc at MIT and on autoland systems for airliners at Thales. Maxime earned his MS and PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech and his BS from ISAE-Supaéro (France).

Maxime Gariel


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Nat Friedman

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Patrick Collison

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John Collison

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